Performance Training

Why Performance Training is so Important in Tennis

In many respects, the game of tennis is quite simple. A player's objective is to get the ball over the net more than their opponent. In other respects, tennis can be incredibly complicated. The complexity of a point has all the elements of a movement in chess, but without the luxury of time. A tennis player must anticipate, analyze options, make a decision, and instantly respond — both mentally and physically — over an extended period of time and under varying conditions. This all occurs in less time than it takes to move a single chess piece on the board.

Jeff King Tennis not only addresses the concept of technically — "how", but also expands the focus to incorporate the tactical — "what", "when", "where" and "why" various shots are selected and executed. This creates a bridge between simple muscle memorization and the analytical decision making process.

“What can I do to perform better or play at a higher level — more often, more consistently?”

In an effort to improve, many players assume that more is better. More hours on court. More cardio time. But while physical practice will ultimately lift your performance to some extent, you need a more balanced, efficient and scientific approach. To be truly successful in tennis you must refine all of your abilities — the mental and the physical, as well as the technical and tactical. You must recognize your innate strengths, face your weaknesses and build a game designed to maximize your outcomes.

What does it mean to be game ready?

The game ready player is adaptable and creative, able to deal with ever-changing situations on the court: an unpredictable opponent, a ball whose characteristics are always changing, a varying wind, sun, temperatures, etc. Adaptability and creativity are critical to performance in any "open skill" set.

Conventional coaching is traditional in its approach. Adaptability and creativity are not part of those traditional training models. The end result is that players walk onto a court and find themselves in an unfamiliar environment. The static lack of dynamics in their lessons puts the player at a disadvantage. In contrast, Jeff King Tennis teaches in an "open skill" learning environment.

Who should use Jeff King Tennis?

Jeff King Tennis is intended for all amateurs, professional players, teachers, coaches and parents who wish to expand their repertories for training in the technical, tactical, mental and physical aspects of tennis.

Jeff King Tennis adopts a balanced approach that incorporates developmental as well as high-performance training — across all the sports sciences. Jeff King’s Player Development Programs take a systematic and scientific approach. When you train with Jeff King Tennis, you’ll find the most effective and efficient ways to maximize your potential. You’ll discover the optimum training method for overall problem solving, growth and success.

You’ll find more ways to win.