Amateur Player Development

Tour Leveling Training for All Abilities

It's an old story in the game of tennis. A student is able to hit perfect shots in practice or during a lesson, but when it comes time to put these same shots together and play a point or match, nothing seems to work. The result often is anger, frustration and a sense of failure.

How often have you said or heard someone say:

"I know I have a better game than my opponent, but I just couldn't win."

"I always play better against better players, but when it comes time to play against someone below me, they wind up dragging my game down."

"I hate playing people who push the ball; that's not tennis"

"I would have won, but the (wind, noise, court next to me, my racquet, strings...) made me lose."

With Jeff King Tennis you will see the important cues that promote correct decision making. You are encouraged to think about alternatives in a particular game-match situation and decide which one is best. You can learn to execute under pressure in match conditions. You will be able to process feedback in order to analyze your own performance and decide what needs to be changed next time.

Assess, develop and achieve your goals in tennis.

Jeff King Tennis tailors training regimes and adapts presentations to each individual's learning type — visually, auditorily and kinesthetically. Results are achieved through a balanced and practical problem-solving approach to learning. When you choose Jeff King Tennis, you'll receive more than just Jeff's input on your training standards. You'll also have an entire global support network in virtually every area of the sport. Here are just a few examples:

  • Jeff King Tennis is working with Dr. Elton Hsu to help provide customized solutions through modeling, statistical analysis, factor analysis and probability calculations.
  • Jeff King Tennis has also partnered with Pat Dougherty to use his patented teaching aids and DVDs.
  • Jeff King Tennis is working wth Dr. Neeru Jayanthi and the International Society for Tennis and Medicine Science on disseminating current and practical tennis-related medical and scientific information in order to optimize the health and performance of tennis players world-wide.

Customized Game Refinement
No two people's swings look identical; that's what makes us unique as players. One factor that separates Jeff King Tennis from others in the industry is the ability to work within those inherent characteristics that are found in every one of us. I encourage what is natural, teach what is essential and allow for individuality. One of the ultimate goals is for my clients to develop technique which allows for the most efficient combination of power and control, speed and accuracy, static and dynamic balance, while minimizing the risk of injury.