Performance Training

Key Program Components

  • Player Assessment / Profile
  • Who are you as a player? Who are you as a person? What is your learning type? The King player assessment and profile is designed to gather information systematically so that your tennis instruction and related learning experiences can be more efficient.
  • Strength, Agility and Movement Solutions
  • Jeff King’s fitness regimes address the performance of varying movement patterns from simple to complex. King players are exposed to a variety of stimuli on a daily basis, allowing improvements to occur in motor learning. By training with attention to detail on tennis-specific movements, complex patterns can become more instinctive. Tactical awareness is heightened.
  • Interactive Classroom Learning
  • In the classroom, King players are encouraged to take a balanced approach. Analytical as well as emotive learning is addressed. Players gain a better understanding of personal tendencies, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Player Journal
  • King players keep an individual record and progress report for tennis improvement. The King Player Journal allows you to train efficiently both on and off the court. It allows you to more quickly and easily become and remain mentally efficient. It will track and record your progress and allow you to formulate sound habits.
  • Situational Performance Videos
  • You can have all the shots and still lose the match if you can’t construct the points. King players utilize match situational analysis to help identify and track human instincts, patterns and tendencies. Video vignettes show how to construct and develop points, allowing a more refined tactical awareness.