Professional Player Development

Reach Beyond Your Potential

Professional tennis is a complex and multi-faceted sport. To win a professional match, a player must handle and succeed against the pressure of opposing spectators, press coverage, prize money, national pride and ranking points. Many times the difference is the way in which players handle these types of situations. At recreational levels, it is technical and tactical prowess which usually determines the course of the match. At the Tour level, mental skills and physical conditioning play a more integral role. Jeff King Tennis will help provide insight and solutions for the unique challenges that face Tour players.

Jeff King Tennis takes the time to listen to and address the scenarios that have arisen and the circumstances that surround them. This helps to decipher whether they were isolated/random instances (with unforeseen variables that impacted desired outcomes) or were systemic/chronic problems. Through this type of approach, many times solutions to one problem can serve to stem other problems before they arise.

Jeff King Tennis’s hands-on involvement will help design, refine and implement your present and future training programs. Together, we will clearly identify your key inefficiencies and weaknesses as a player, address your personal tendencies, and tailor training regimes that will emphasize your personal strengths and maximize your performance.

Jeff King Tennis’s training includes many self-monitoring and self-maintaining elements that allow you to become more self-reliant and accountable. The focus of Jeff King Tennis’s efforts will also allow you to track your results and evaluate the impact on your goals.

Jeff King Tennis training programs can be tailored to meet your exacting needs. Programs can be designed or adapted to any training schedule: annual (yearly blueprint), seasonal (indoor, grass, clay or hard courts), macro, meso, or microcycle. My work focuses on client-centered initiatives to help create smart goals, training formats and activation strategies. The result ensures that both the support network and player are working in the most productive manner in relation to the "big picture" development of the athlete.

There’s a reason why China (population over a billion people) selected Jeff King to lead their elite womens' WTA Tour players.

Because he gets results.