Jeff King Tennis provides a wide array of services for those who want to reach the next level. From technical awareness to tactical considerations, customized solutions are provided to meet your challenges. No matter the size or scope, I look forward to solving your individual, team or corporate tennis needs. The following examples are services that have been provided for clients:

  • Pre-match routines/post-match analysis
  • On-court stroke production analysis
  • Spatial reasoning and visual cognition
  • Individual, doubles and team training
  • Corporate outings/exhibitions/demonstrations/Pro-Am's
  • Tournament coaching/charting methods
  • Video analysis
  • Design of on-court and off-court periodized training regimes
  • Mental performance coaching
  • Distance Learning* available via Skype and YouTube


*Distance Learning: The concept of distance learning has many interpretations. Jeff King Tennis has designed its distance learning approach around maximum benefit to the user. Some of the tools used for more interactive instruction include: analysis of clients, along with the ability to send feedback; comparisons of clients' videos with desired swing shapes (biomechanical analysis); discussion of video with clients in real time via internet or video conferencing; and real-time performance monitoring and feedback during competition or training via wireless transmition of data.